School Dances

Out of my eight years as a teacher I have never received as much positive feedback from the students about their school dance DJ as I did this year. Bobby and Keith from BDM Productions not only were great DJs, but they had an amazing light and special effects show to go along with them. I plan on using BDM Productions for all our school events next year.

high School dance dj servicesThe school dance is one of the most memorable events of the student experience. Here at BDM Productions, we understand the importance of school dances and enjoy working side by side with your school to provide the best school dance for your students. Whether your school is a grade school with 500 students or a large high school with 5,000 students, BDM Productions has an amazing entertainment package for you. Let BDM Productions help you take your school's dance to new heights.


At BDM Productions, we believe in putting the DJ back in Mobile DJ. This means you will never see one of our DJs show up with just a laptop. An Ipod could do that just as easily. Our DJs pride themselves on their performance and ability to be able to mix, blend, transition, scratch, and slam any two tracks together to ensure for a slam packed dance floor all night long. The three main DJs contracted by BDM Productions are: Bobby De Maria, Keith Chambers, and DJ Tsunami. All three of our talented DJs currently hold weekly spots at some of Chicago's most upscale and edgy night clubs. The BDM Production DJs have played in every top 20 club in Chicago. In addition, our DJs have played in every major city in the Midwest, as well as in New York City, Miami, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. Two of our DJs (Bobby De Maria & Tsunami) will be playing sets at World Music Conference in Miami this March. All of your Djing needs will be met and exceeded by BDM Productions to ensure a night of musical entertainment that will not soon be forgotten.


Our music catalog consists of over 150,000 songs! We have every top billboard hit from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and present day. In addition, our catalog holds music from every major genre such as Rock, Classical, R&B, Dance, Country, Contemporary, Rap/ Hip Hop, Top 40, Pop, House, Electro, Ballroom, Swing, and alternative. Moreover, a member of our staff will sit down with you prior to your school dance to discuss the playlist. If we do not have the particular selection you want in our catalog, we will go out and buy it specifically for your school dance at no additional charge to you! Whether you would like to choose every single song, let our DJs use their judgment, or a combination of both, BDM Productions will meet all your musical needs.


At BDM Productions our sound and lighting systems are state-of-the-art. We use the most current and top of the line rack mount and LED lighting systems. All of our lights are motion and sound censored so that they rotate, change shape, change image, and change color to the beat of the music! Our sound systems are unmatched. We use a combination of JBL and Mackie powered speakers and subwoofers to provide more than adequate sound for your school dance.

Next Level Productions

Over the past few years a new trend has emerged in the high school dance industry. Larger high schools(1,500 + students) have been looking to enhance the production value of their school dances by adding extra lighting, more sound, special effects, and more visual appeal. In essence, these schools are transforming their gyms into clean cut nightclubs for the evening. BDM Productions is one of the leading companies in the industry for large scale high school dance productions. Our company has the equipment and the know how to make your next school dance an experience the students will never forget. View our large scale production packages for more information.


One of the first things students do at school dances is to line up and get their picture taken by a professional photographer. However, once the dance begins, students are left to take their own photos on their digital cameras. More often than not, these dance floor photos turn out blurry or distorted.


We believe that the students not only have the right to have professional photos taken at the beginning of the dance but all throughout the entire event. This is why we provide our own professional photographer to document the entire evening!! Our photographer will walk around the room capturing the moments of the students/ dance from every angle! Throughout the dance students will be handed a card with the company website on it where, a week after the dance, they can go to view their professionally taken and edited photos. The students can also download these photos FREE OF CHARGE!!

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